First African producer

Moroccan marine fisheries generate an annual production of more than one million tons, placing the Kingdom at the forefront of African producers and at the 25th rank on the global scale.

This production is assured up to:
  • 95% by 1800 coastal fishing vessels and 14,000 artisanal boats;
  • 5% by 356 high sea fishing vessels;
  • 2% by other activities.
The national production of coastal and artisanal fisheries landings goes up to:
  • 80% to supply the 305 units of seafood processing industry ashore;
  • ​20% to supply the consumer local market with fresh product.
Moroccan seafood processing and value adding Industry produces various products:
  • Canned-fish;
  • Semi-canned-fish;
  • Frozen-products;
  • Fresh-fish;
  • Fishmeal and fish oil
This industry accounts for 50% of Morocco’s agro food exports, representing 7% of its total exports value.