Edition after edition, the Halieutis show is gaining ampleness and has firmly rooted in its reputation as an unavoidable event for stakeholders operating in the heart of the fishing ecosystem. Its professional and friendly organization made it possible to retain the majority of exhibitors. The very high return rate of exhibitions is the best proof.

Its international vocation, the diversity of a clear and sectored offer, the possibility of concluding commercial contracts, its opening on the African market in terms of investment, partnerships, joint-ventures make of this show a lever of growth for exhibiting companies and also an export accelerator

The quality of the show organization allows visitors to optimize their time and make it productive. The exhibitors are very clearly positioned thanks to an easily recognizable nomenclature.

The Halieutis show is the expression of the global supply of the fishing sector. It is also a gateway to the world markets and Africa in particular. The fifth edition of this show is dedicates an exclusive to an exhibition area to the international. The strategic advantages are numerous and diversified, namely:

  • The Collection of information on competition, market trends, new products; all this, in a minimum of time and in a limited space.
  • The discovery of the latest innovations in terms of products, techniques and processes. An important space will be reserved for innovations.
  • The confirmation of brands standing because the Halieutis show is a platform for a sector, and its products. It is also an excellent international benchmark tool. In other words, it is a powerful instrument of commercial influence.
  • Prospecting and concluding commercial contracts, partnership agreements and joint-ventures with suppliers, buyers and distributors.

The fifth edition of the Halieutis show is part of a logic of permanent performance improvements for both exhibitors and visitors. It covers all fishing activities, seafood products processing, fleet and gear, aquaculture, a conference cycle on topical themes animated by eminent personalities, innovative products and technologies, gastronomic events characterized by tasting areas of new recipes based on seafood.

On the sidelines of the exhibition, the four days of the show will be punctuated by conferences, debates, round tables ... Meetings during which the Moroccan Ministry of Fisheries intends to provide more extensive information on the advances of the sector in general.

The fifth edition of the show coincides with the decade of the Halieutis strategy. It recalls and highlights the Kingdom's progress in the fisheries and aquaculture sector. Actions, decisions and projects have been implemented focusing resolutely on sustainability, and the improvement of competitiveness. Exhibitors and visitors have the opportunity to witness of the dynamics deployed for the development of the fishing sector in Morocco.

In addition, the Halieutis show is not limited to professionals. It also aims to raise the awareness of the population about the fishing heritage and its preservation. Thus, children are not left behind. A program dedicated to them is schudeled during the weekend when the show is open to the public.

I am addressing all the operators in the fishing and seafood processing sector to encourage them and invite them to mark a massive and qualitative presence at the Halieutis show. Customers, suppliers and potential partners are coming at your place, go and meet them and make your offer to them.

Whatever your objectives, visitors and exhibitors, the General Commissioner of the show welcomes you and will watch over the smooth running of this professional meeting.

Mohamed Bouayad 

Commissioner General of the Halieutis show 2019 edition – General Secretary