The 2019 edition of the show "Halieutis" will take place in the most favorable and propitious context:

  • Morocco, the largest producer of fish in Africa witnesses a new dynamic thanks to an inclusive long-term strategy and a strong sustainable development of fish production and exports. Within this framework, major projects were launched, including the “Parc Haliopolis” in Agadir and several fish farming projects across the kingdom;
  • The signing of the EU-Morocco fisheries agreement opens up new opportunities for exchange and cooperation in this regard;
  • Prospects for growth in international demand for fish products are particularly encouraging following the global economic recovery, especially in the Euro zone
  • Morocco grows up increasingly as a "gateway to Africa", particularly by strengthening cooperation and exchange with other countries in Africa. In this context, it should be noted that 60% of the 33 countries present at the 2nd edition of the show are from the African continent.